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Free five 5 hour disabled Access coursework for California Architect continuing education

posted 1/31/13

Updated 6/28/13

Updated 12/20/13

Updated 11/25/15

Updated 12/16/16

Updated 1/16/17

Updated 2/7/17

Are there really FREE disabled access courses out there? Yes. Please read on!

First, if you are debating whether or not you should pay for this,  visit this site for the least expensive pay site that I have found anywhere.  Currently this site appears to cost $10 ten dollars less that others online.

Continuing on, here below is why I started this blog and  the links to Free courses for your use:

Ever since it became necessary for California Architects to have five hours of disabled access coursework in continuing education, I had wanted to find out if there is really free classes available for us to take. Looking at the renewal application, It looks like we have to take 5 hours of course work related to ADA, in other words disabled access. Looking around the internet, even though there are a few pay sites,  I found that it is very difficult to find Free courses. By Free I really meant free. As in Zero dollars. Zip. Nothing.

I wanted to aggregate in one place just the actual hours and training that you’ll need to get your license renewed. So without further ado here is at least 5 five hours of Free, yes Free coursework that you can take absolutely for no charge. I just took them and have sent my application in. If by any chance my application does not get accepted and or I get audited, I will make sure to come back over here a post a new blog so that you are all staying informed:

  1. Get 2 free hours here. Ron Blank &Associates http://ronblank.com/ Anybody that has done any online continuing education knows about this site. Unfortunately they only have 2 free hours. All you have to do is register. So don’t hesitate. Get going and registered with them and take the courses.
  2. And another 10 or so free hour here: McGraw hill Construction McGraw Hill
  3. Here you can find at least 3 free hours. Hanley Wood University Click on this link but then you have to search and then register with them. http://www.hanleywooduniversity.com
  4. Here there is two more free hours. Lift-U Hogan MFG. http://www.lift-u.com/architect-resources/aia-courses/
  5. Just found these two free hours. These are on lms.architect-forum that requires free registration. http://lms.architect-forum.com/catalog_viewer.php
  6. Thanks to one of our readers here is another link: http://adacourse.org/courses.php
  7. Here is one hour from the National Institute of Building Sciences.

As of this year California Board of Architects no longer requires to see written proof from the course provider that you took five hours of continuing education, however after some research it does look like they are required to audit at least 3 percent of all the application per year. Therefore the only other important issue to think about is the chance you might be taking by providing incorrect information on your application in case you run out of time to attend classes. My understanding is that a certain percentage of Architects will get audited by the Board. Which will mean a lot of hassle , extra fees etc. So why not just take these classes?

Well, there you are. This post here is dedicated to all the Americans that have helped me along the way by posting something online that has been helpful. Again as I mentioned I will come back on here and post any issues or Architects Board concerns with these courses. Also I will try to keep the links updated.

Again, if you have chosen not to deal with the hassle of registering on multiple website or just want to take care of the entire 5 hours quickly, the least costly site is here.

Read more about how this requirement started, and what it means to Architects HERE.



9 thoughts on “Free five 5 hour disabled Access coursework for California Architect continuing education

  1. Thank you for the article. Its strange that CE isn’t free. Has the state accepted these 5 hours you’ve submitted?

  2. I took free courses for the last 2 renewels. I am not sure if you can take the same courses again. Thanks for some new sites.

    • Its nice to hear that you were able to do it FREE for the last two renewals. As long as the courses are up to date there is a good chance that the information is applicable. Let me know if you know of other sites.

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